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Merhamet establishes itself in 1997 led by the idea that better are good deeds that are a cause of good things in comparisons to deeds that are a consequence of the bad things,
The main reason for establishing this organization then, was fulfillment of the big cultural gap as well as enrichment of the spiritual life here, including, in this spirit, the work in the field of humanitarian aid which undoubtedly  has been one of the most sensitive topics  as a result of the bad social life.

With the intention of accomplishing the above mentioned objectives, CHO Merhamet started working and laid its activities in three fields contributing modestly towards the advancement of the cultural processes here, as well as creating a more favorable social wellbeing for our population.

Being that our assessment that the surrounding was thirsty for such activities turned out to be true, the need for establishing more branches of Merhamet in other cities in Macedonia emerged immediately, always followed by the desire of having humanitarian and cultural activities of Merhamet be present anywhere it was needed. So Merhamet started its work numbering only 5 members and now it can be proud with 800 members in the following cities throughout Macedonia: Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Kumanovo, Struga, Debar, Kicevo, Radovish, Bitola etc.
With the intention of to shape its activities and to direct its work on the right way, Merhamet started at its beginning to establish various committees in order to cover as many fields as possible in the lives of the people living in this country.

CHO “Merhamet” is managed by its Chairing Bord consisted of 9 members, where as the chairman of the Board, in the same time the Head of the Organisation, is Adnan Ismaili.
As we mentioned at the beginning, Merhamet indeed turned out to be a project ready to face the notorious events in the end of XXth and beginning of the XXI century.
Immediately after its establishment, when it was yet not properly established and when the projects were at their beginning, Merhamet had to direct almost all its activities towards humanitarian aid since the European humanitarian catastrophe in Kosova in '99 and the war in Macedonia in 2001 were two big challenges that obliged Merhamet to direct all its intellectual capacity, power and structure in managing humanitarian aid projects. Therefore today, the name of Merhamet, for Macedoniaand Kosovo region is a synonym for humanity and charity.

CHO “Merhamet” has had and it will continue cultivating excellent donor, friendly and mutual co-operation with number of organizations, funds and both local and international institutions, government and non government ones, such as: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the R. of Macedonia, Ministry of Culture of RM, Ministry of Education and Science of Macedonia, Red Cross Macedonian, El Hilal, Kalliri i Miresise, Jeta, Ensar, MATUSITEB,  Kosovar Red Cross, International Humanitarian Organization Red half moon, Turkish International Cooperation and Development Administration, IHH - offices in Germany and Turkey, Deniz Fener, Hudai Vakfi, Rumeli Vakfi, Government of Saudi Arabia, Islamic Bank for Development, World Assembly of Muslim Youth, International Islamic Relief Organization, Islamic Relief from England, Albanian cultural centres in the diasporas (Europe and US), as well as with many other smaller organizations both in and out of the country. CHO “Merhamet” will still remain being ready for co-operation, transparent in its work and fair towards its co-operators, for which the above mentioned names are sufficient proof.
Seen generally, during all these years of work in the scene in RM, even though facing many unpredictable difficulties, today CHO”Merhamet” represents an important institution in the cultural, humanitarian, science and educational life as well as in many other fields in the lives of the population in the Republic of Macedonia and broader


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